What categories does this forum need?

At the moment there are only two Categories when making a new topic: Uncategorized and Site Feedback. Rather than defining too many of these upfront, we should allow for some evolution and iteration. Please leave feedback here on what you think is needed!

One obvious example would be a ‘blog’ category since I’ve copied in a number of blog posts from around the web. For the sites that we’re directly involved with (e.g. MirageOS), we can use topics as comment threads.

edit: I just made a Blogs category and moved a number of topics into it.

IncludeOS doesn’t have a mailing list. We could create a category for that project and they could use this forum for those type of comms.

We could make such categories for all projects.

That’d be great. This looks like a very nice alternative to a mailing list.

No! you should have other categories like off topic and general