Unikernel Devel

Welcome to the Unikernel Devel board!


Welcome to the Unikernel Development board! This site is for discussions around the design and implementation of unikernels and library operating systems.

Some quick explanations:

  • Who is it for? — This site is for anyone interested in the development efforts towards library operating systems and unikernels i.e. anyone who’s willing to get their hands dirty! Just so there’s no confusion, this includes early users :smile:. Discussions here are intended to help all the projects to come together, share knowledge and work towards common tooling.

  • What will I find here? — Discussions about the various unikernel implementations, decisions about common tooling and workflows and anything else that relates to unikernel development! Hopefully, this site will become the cannonical place for such discussions and decision-making.

  • Where can I read more? — There is more information on the main website at unikernel.org, and you can find links to specific implementions via unikernel.org/projects (some of which also have their own mailing lists).


Some things to be aware of:

Email support

It’s possible to interact with this forum mostly by email. If you visit your settings and look at the options in the Email section you’ll see that you can configure things such that you receive all posts via email. For anyone familiar with GitHub issues, the set up should feel the same (i.e. reply by email, @mentions, etc).

Limited Categories

At the moment there are only two categories when making a new topic. Rather than defining too many of these upfront, we should allow for some evolution and iteration. One obvious category that comes to mind is for blog-post discussions. Please leave feedback on what categories we need on the topic: “What categories does tis forum need?

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