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Unikernel Systems joins Docker


[from the original at: http://unikernel.org/blog/2016/uniks-joins-docker]

Today, Unikernel Systems announced that it is joining Docker. Please
read the main notice posted at unikernel.com and the Docker
blog post at http://blog.docker.com/2016/01/unikernel/.

An important part of the work of Unikernel Systems is to support the growing
unikernel movement, which includes contributing to a number of open source
projects as well as supporting this community website, unikernel.org. The
Unikernel Systems team will continue this work.

Through further interaction with the Docker project and community, the open
source unikernel community will receive increased visibility and contributions
which will accelerate the adoption of unikernels.



Congrats! This is great news for the unikernel community - IncludeOS is definitely looking forward to taking part in this effort. A good day for unikernels :smile:


Looking forward to trying out IncludeOS properly! I’ve been working on a series of container bases for MirageOS – perhaps we should start by using the Docker Hub to publish build environments for IncludeOS as well so that we can get people started really easily…


Sounds great - it will be a nice complement to the vagrant file. We’ve built IncludeOS inside docker in the past and it works well - I think we had a docker instance just produce an image, and return it. Pretty cool :slightly_smiling: