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Unikernel on Google Compute Engine


[from the original at: https://medium.com/google-cloud/unikernel-on-google-compute-engine-part-1-running-an-osv-unikernel-tomcat-server-45bd9816910#.ryvjxtb8k]

Running an OSv Unikernel Tomcat Server
This is a short guide on running a unikernel on Google Compute Engine. Here is a good primer on why you should care about unikernels. I used the OSv unikernel because it supports Java and Java is my language of choice. Moreover, the OSv’s image build tool, Capstan, feels similar to Docker so I felt I could get started quickly.

You may have seen the Running OSv on Google Compute Engine guide, but the instructions seem outdated (see issue). The Capstan tool, currently, has issues when building images for Google Compute Engine (see issue). Therefore, the experience wasn’t as straightforward as I hoped, but I was determined to make it work.

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