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Performance of Unikernels


Hello. I’m working with Mirage OS and am hosting the unikernels on a local Xen server. However, unikernels are with performing poorly. The throughput is around 30 kbps and conventional virtual machines at 500 kbps. I thought I had some configuration problem but I found a scientific paper that according to Briggs et al. (2015), during testing of the Mirage HTTP server we encountered a severe bug: the Mirage TCP / IP library apparently leaks memory every time a TCP connection is released, on the order of 30 kilobytes per TCP connection. We have filed a bug with the Mirage OS authors. Unfortunately, this causes the performance of Mirage to be very poor; we expect this performance would be greatly improved after this bug is fixed.

This problem has already been solved and how should I proceed?

BRIGGS, Ian et al. A performance evaluation of unikernels. 2015.

– I apologize for possible grammatical errors, English is not my native language.