MirageOS on AWS

I’m starting my studies with unikernel. I’m using MirageOS to create a unikernel to host a static website. I would like to use Amazon Services (EC2). However, the instructions for installing unikernels in this service are superficial. So I would like to know if you know any detailed unikernels tutorial on AWS?

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I was in this exact situation last week, and I’ve finally managed to cobble together a guide to hosting static websites on AWS EC2 with Mirage OS. One thing I learned while doing this is that the unikernel ecosystem is still in its beginning stages, so a lot of the tooling could use some polish, but nonetheless I hope this helps you (and others) get started.


Thank you for your help. This guide helps me a lot! :grinning:

Is it possible to upload Mirage images as HVM (non-paravirtualized) virtual machines? I’ve tried this a few times for IncludeOS but as I try to convert the image to an AMI it throws the not very helpful

StatusMessage": “ClientError: Unknown OS / Missing OS files.”,

So I’m curious if anyone had any luck with this. If somebody can get other unikernels to run here I should be able to get IncludeOS running as well. But if EC2 insist on only accepting known operating system I’m likely out of luck.

Not at the moment, since the MiniOS fork we use doesn’t support it. However, there is a new Unicore proposal in the Xen Project which will give us HVM “for free” when we move to it.


Tried to access the link to the guide you mentioned in your reply, but the page seems to have been taken down. Can you update the link URL?


Hi, I don’t know why my firefox 67.0 (64-bit) gives security risk warning for the guide’s site.

That’s my bad. I’ve been moving my website around a lot and it’s been broken for some time. I do intend to fix it soon, but in the meantime you can read the post in markdown form here. Note that I do not deploy my website this way anymore, so the guide may be out of date.

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