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Mirage with xen


Hello, everyone. I would like to apologize for my English. It is not the native language of my country. I am studying Unikernels at University and working with Mirage OS. I’ve set up a host with Xen Hypervisor and installed a unikernel with a simple static web page and it’s working. However, I would like to instantiate four unikernels with the same application while everyone responds to the same address on the network. Is it possible? If it is possible, is it necessary to use one tool to execute this management, such Jitsu?


I’m a bit confused about “while everyone responds to the same address on the network”. Would a configuration where a load balancer with an external address (the “same address on the network”) relays connections to four unikernels (with individual, unique internal addresses which are not exposed) meet your requirements?


Hi, thanks for your answer. I’ve used HaProxy to do the load balancer and its working. Thanks for your help. :smiley: