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Mirage/Solo5 update, ready for early testing


(Cross-posted from the mirageos-devel mailing list)

Hi folks,

I’m happy to report that Mirage/Solo5 is coming along nicely. For those not
familiar with the port, Mirage/Solo5 enables MirageOS to run on KVM and
other virtio-compliant hypervisors (testers welcome!).

While not quite ready for prime time yet, several people have asked for
instructions on how to try it out. I’ve updated the Solo5 documentation to
match the current state of things, so if you’d like to give it a go, head
over to https://github.com/djwillia/solo5.

Notable known issues (these and others are tracked at

  • http_server not operational yet due to mirage/mirage#543 (unconditional
    dependency on nocrypto)
  • TLS stack likewise not operational yet (need to get nocrypto and
    mirage-entropy building and working)

Both of these are being worked on and should be sorted out in the next week
or so, in time for the Mirage hackathon the following week. However, it
does mean that e.g. mirage-www or other conduit-based applications don’t
work yet.

Dan Williams and myself will both be at the hackathon and we’d like to get
started on the process of merging Mirage/Solo5 upstream while there.

Enjoy and let us know how it goes,



@awick, @alfred_bratterud, you may be interested in this work. @mato and @djwillia should be able to help with any questions :slight_smile: