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Is there any plan for ukvm to support virtio?


Hello all;
I wonder what is the road map for ukvm as a monitor with similar function to qemu. Is there any plan for ukvm to support virtio. I sugget it for three reasons:

  1. to build a better eco-system for ukvm as a monitor
  2. to provide with a better performance with vhost enabled
  3. for better usability: for example, when we want to use net in ukvm for now, we need first create a tap device at host; it is not easy to manage and highly depends on the host status.


Hi @judytong1032, you might find the thread on IncludeOS in ukvm / Solo5 interesting.

I think @djwillia and @mato may be able to provide more info about your specific questions.


I think It will be welcome if we can support the virtio-net and virtio-blk in the uKVM guest, and
let the uKVM supports its backend,
because we can use some user level virtual switch to accelerate the forwarding,
I dont think invoke the hypercall for every packet will be a good solution.
When we support virtio, we can also support VM2VM communication based on
the vhost-pci.