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IncludeOS CI - Issues and discussion



If there are any issues with the CI service let me know here and I will take a look as fast as possible.

What I am currently working on:

  1. Make sure the whole CI server is easy to replicate in a second place in case something goes down.
  2. Port the scripts to python, thus reducing the time it takes
  3. Write a test that downloads the web page.
  4. Make the build tests for personal forks.


Great @mnordsletten! Please let us know what we need to do to get the personal fork builds up and running. The idea is that I can have jenkins build my own fork before merging it with dev, in order to make it easier for me to make mistakes less visible :smile:


Incidentally, we’ve been pretty happy with Travis CI for MirageOS builds. It now supports Docker containers, so I’ve been porting the infrastructure to test PRs against Debian/Ubuntu/CentOS/Alpine base images. This tends to uncover build bugs with a variety of gcc/clang versions.

Will write this up on the flight back to the UK later this week in case it’s of use to IncludeOS and other unikernel projects as well.


@avsm I think the main reason we started using Jenkins was that IncludeOS was private at the time we started implementing a CI. Now that it is open source we have a lot more options.

If you could do a write up on your testing procedure that would be great, we are also planning on expanding our tests to include multiple OS versions.

Our current Jenkins procedure is as follows: new commit triggers a webhook -> spawn a new clean vm with ubuntu 14.04 -> download the pre compile libraries we need from the latest release on github -> download the newest committed version of IncludeOS -> build and run -> perform some basic networking tests to the VM.
We also do daily compilations from source instead of using the pre compiled libraries.


And @mnordsletten, nice to see that Jenkins is now automatically testing the pull requests :slight_smile:


For all developers on IncludeOS I just completed the outlines on setting up webhooks for your own personal forks. This will enable a personal jenkins test to be set up for every commit you make to your own fork.

Please see the instructions on getting it set up here: IncludeOS Wiki


yes i have a issue CircleCI always gives “Error: Could not detect a CI Service.” in my bookkeeper in dubai service i don’t know why this issue has been come. also issue of “Jenkins CI” is in integration page. help me out this issue.