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IncludeOS 0.8 released - it's getting stable


In release 0.8.0, the IncludeOS TCP stack underwent a complete rewrite, with state logic separated into classes, a smart send queue implementation, new events (OnConnect, OnDisconnect), etc. Other notable additions included fleshed out file system support and tests covering the major kernel and networking features.

For the 0.8.1 release, we focused on exercising the new features, particularly the TCP stack. The OS was subjected to numerous stress tests, which enabled us to pinpoint and fix a few issues.

The OS seems very stable now, having survived a continuous flood of ARP, ICMP and HTTP packets, run in parallel over ~9 hours. The VM showed no signs of having problems and gave a request rate of 3327.1 conn/s (decent for the platform). after the flood ended.

Detailed test results can be found on the 0.8.1 Release page on GitHub:

More details about the changes in 0.8 can be found here:

We’re expecting our new test regime to keep evolving and also to find new bugs. We’d love to get feedback, good or bad, from anyone who wants to give it a spin. The issue tracker should be up to date and we’re usually present in our public gitter channel for any kinds of questions.