Unikernel Devel

HermitCore - A (nearly) new Unikernel project


Dear all,

maybe we (mostly members of the RWTH Aachen University) should also use this platform to introduce our unikernel HermitCore. In 2016, we published our first release. The initial version combines a multikernel architecture with unikernel features. The high-performance computing community uses multikernels (e.g. IHK/McKernel) to run applications on isolated cores with a light-weight kernel, which reduces the OS noise and increases the scalability. To realize backward compatibility, a full-weight kernel (e.g. Linux) runs side by side to the light-weight kernel. HermitCore supports this working model. But in the meantime, runs also as a standalone kernel within a KVM-based virtual machine.

HermitCore is a full 64bit kernel, which is also able to run directly on the hardware. It is fully integrated into the GNU Compiler Collection and supports their programming languages C, C++, Fortran and Go. Multiprocessor/-core systems are supported via Pthreads and OpenMP. In addition, it comes with a specialized machine monitor, which is derived from ukvm and extended with HermitCore features (e.g. SMP support).

More information are published at http://www.hermitcore.org. The source code is published at GitHub.

We welcome all contributions, remarks or questions.