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Announcing MirageOS 3.0.0


[from the original at: https://mirage.io/blog/announcing-mirage-30-release]

We’re excited to announce MirageOS 3.0! MirageOS is a modern, modular library operating system that allows the creation of small, secure, legacy-free services. MirageOS applications can be compiled to run as self-contained virtual machines (a few MB in size) on Xen or KVM hosts, FreeBSD’s bhyve, or even as regular Unix processes (allowing access to regular debugging tools). The system libraries themselves can be reused in traditional applications, just like any other software library.

Full release notes are available on GitHub. If you’re interested in getting started with MirageOS 3 right away, you might be interested in the revamped guide to getting started, a small collection of example unikernels, or the porting guide for updating Mirage 2.x unikernels to Mirage 3.

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