[ANN] Unigornel: Clean-slate unikernels for Go


We are happy to announce the unigornel project to the Go and unikernel community.

Unigornel is a clean-slate approach to unikernels for the Go programming language. It is built on Xen’s Mini-OS and a fork of Go. Our goal is to build a library operating system predominantly written in Go, much like the MirageOS project.

The project is still in the development phase. Only basic hello world examples work. A network stack is in progress. It is already possible to build a unikernel that replies to ping echo requests. Currently the memory management system is the most lacking subsystem.

This project was part of a semester-long university project and we would now like to make it available to the general public. We welcome all contributions, remarks or questions.

To build your first unikernel, read Getting Started!


This is great news and thanks for sharing it here!
It would be great to have a short paragraph and blog post to add to unikernel.org/projects :slight_smile:

cc @avsm @mort in case there are folks in the Lab who’d be interested in looking at this for projects of their own.